In Texas, you cannot recover if you’re more at fault than the other person. If you are 80% at fault and the other person is 20%, you would not be able to recover the 20%. Driving the wrong way is likely going to result in you being 100% at fault for an accident.

How Do I Know When I Should Settle My Motorcycle Accident Claim? Is This Usually Better Than Taking A Case All The Way To Trial?

That decision depends on a variety of factors, but it is something a skilled attorney can help you navigate. If there’s an issue of liability, then that is a serious consideration for moving forward with a settlement. If what is being offered is near or at the policy limit that is another reason to consider settling. If the amount being offered would cover the medical bills, pay for pain and suffering, and cover a large portion of the damages if not all, then that would be a strong reason to settle.
Being given a reasonable and fair offer that covers most of the damages may be the better option. Going to trial will require paying for experts, waiting years, and decreased net settlement based on court expenses. For example, you believe that you’re entitled to $20,000 but the insurance company offers $15,000. So you need to ask yourself if this $5,000 difference is worth going to trial for?

Will All Of My Future Medical Costs Be Taken Into Account For The Settlement Amount After A Motorcycle Accident? How Could That Affect My Settlement And How Do You Calculate So Far Into The Future?

For this to happen, evidence and documentation from a medical expert are required to demonstrate that specific medical care will be needed in the future to treat your injuries. No, personal estimates are allowed and future costs must be itemized by a medical professional based on specific data points related to the progression of your treatment.
The future damages are taken into account because once a settlement is finalized and agreed upon, there will be no more claims or lawsuits related to the original accident. Everything needs to be accounted for before settling.
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