“I asked him only the one initial question but he allowed me to expand on the topic as my issue was complex and he told me where to look how to look and didn’t make me feel rushed like he really warned to help.”– Ronneall

“My car was stolen about 2 years ago while it was being used for ride-sharing. My insurance company decided that they did not want to pay. The ride-sharing company also did not want to pay either. I did not know what to do. After a few months of getting nowhere, a friend told me about Attorney Scott. Attorney Scott took the case and worked with me for about 1.5 years until we finally got the case resolved. If I did not have Attorney Scott on my side, the insurance companies would have gotten away with taking advantage of me.”- – Tony

“I received Leroy scott’s number from a friend when I was having trouble finding a good lawyer. Leroy was very personable, professional, and helpful. I was dealing with a case that I didn’t think I had a good chance of winning and he went the extra mile to make sure justice was served and we won the case. He is an excellent lawyer and I would refer him to my friends n family. I am so grateful for how much he helped me and my family!”– Erika

“Provided excellent assistance in initiating collection efforts in a foreign jurisdiction than the initial judgment. Provided useful pro bono advice. Will definitely work with/hire in future for additional help and collection efforts.”– TJ

“I bought a car from a car dealership in Arlington. I paid several thousand in down payment. After I paid all that money, they repaid the car claiming that I missed the first payment. They said payment was due on 2/9 and they repaid the car on 2/13 and took all my money. I tried to resolve the matter with them, but they refuse to give me my money back or the car. I believe they wrongfully repossessed the car and took my money, but I was not able to resolve the matter with them. They would ignore me and be rude to me whenever I try to call them to resolve the issue.

I hired attorney Leroy Scott to help me. He immediately started working on my case. He told me that if they did not make it right, we would need to go to trial. They refused to resolve the matter with him, so we had to go to trial. We went to trial and Mr. Scott won a judgment for more money that I ever expected to come out of this case. All I wanted was my money back, but Mr. Scott won a lot more than that for me. I am very pleased with Mr. Scott’s services and I would absolutely recommend him to other consumers who are being taken advantage of by car dealerships.”– Lance

“I’ve dealt with numerous lawyers throughout my years. Every lawyer said what they can do, to no avail. Trust me Leroy will do what he says whatever the case may be. He has worked on 3 lawsuits for me which I was very satisfied on the outcome. He is smart and knows what he’s doing and if he doesn’t he will find out to get you the best results possible. I’ve hired him 3 times and won’t hesitate to hire or recommend him again. Also his fees are very reasonable. He trusts his work so if you don’t get paid he doesn’t. So stop looking around you have found your lawyer that will take care of all your needs.”– Raymond

“I was being taken advantage of by two large corporations. I struggled for years and no one at the corporation would listen to me. Everyone I talked to told me something different and I just did not know what to do. I got tired of being passed from person to person and department to department.
When I put my problem out there (online and phone calls to attorneys) I did so hoping that someone could help me. I received plenty of responses; however, each attorney requested thousands of dollars up front. I needed the help, but I could not pay an attorney. So, the corporations kept harassing me and started threatening to sue me. I was desperate and I had no money with which to defend myself.
I knew that I had done nothing wrong, but I did not know how to fight back. After sending hundreds of pages of my paperwork with the information via fax, email, and making/taking many phone calls to and from several attorneys, I got nowhere.
Finally, I called Mr. Scott. He listened to me for about an hour and agreed to help me. Mr. Scott said that he would not charge me anything unless we won the case; a case that I was unaware that I had. I was not seeking financial gain. I just wanted these huge corporations to stop bullying me. Well, thanks to Mr. Scott, not only did they stop bullying me, but they also paid me as well.
There are no words to explain how appreciative I am of Mr. Scott. He saw what the other attorneys I talked to did not. He kept me up to date on the progress of my case and he was always available to talk to me. I trusted him because I knew he would look out for my best interest. Because of his vision and dedication to my case, I was able to get justice. I would definitely recommend Mr. Scott as an attorney.”– Mary

“I checked AVVO to try and find an attorney that dealt with small claims. I reached out to Mr. Scott and he replied the same morning and also offered to talk to me if I wanted to ask anymore questions. I called Mr. Scott in the afternoon and he continued to give me good advice about my small claims lawsuit and told me what the words were to describe my situation, apparent authority. I feel more comfortable in pursuing the case. Thank you Mr. Scott”– J G Lynch

“So I was ABSOLUTELY stuck and stomach in knots about how we would et possession of my son’s car.
After speaking briefly with Mr Scott, I felt SOOOOO at ease (and I’m not easy to calm).
Everything starting going smoothly with the finance company and within hours (following the advice of Leroy) we were able to accomplish, in 2 hours or less, what we couldn’t accomplish in three days.
Thanks Leroy Scott and God bless your foot steps and grow your business!”– Monicia B.

“First time user of Avvo and I’m so impressed! Thank you Leroy for answering questions even if it’s 530am! I work over nights and was stressing over a situation after reading reviews on Leroy I immediately knew this was my guy!! All though my situation was minor I’m keeping this number handy for a next time! Again thank you Leroy!”– Maribel H.

“I/we purchased a Temper-Pedic mattress from Mattress Firm in Oct. 2013. When the mattress was delivered, it came tarnished, stained and torn. I reached out the the sales representative that originally sold us the unit and to no avail, he was no where to be found. I called and called, sent emails and text messages and the salesman never replied to me. He was just in the business to make the sale and earn his commissions. He had extremely poor customer service. For over a year, I battled trying to locate this salesman. Per his directive, I should contact him directly if I had issues with the mattress or needed a replacement. After battling with this for over a year with no results, I decided to get an attorney to help me fight this uphill battle. I reached out to Mr. Scott and he immediately understood my situation and within the hour he had already begun working on my case. Needless to say, we reached a very happy settlement with Mattress Firm and the turn-around time took less than 60 days total. Mr. Scott is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise and his diligence is what impressed me the most! He was very attentive to my issues, his response time was remarkable and he made sure to keep me well informed about what was going on throughout the entire process. He is very transparent and will let you know every step of the process before hand. He is also very honest and a man of his word. If he says that he will do something, trust me, he will! I am very please with his services and would recommend Mr. Scott to anyone that needs legal assistance.

Thank a million Mr. Scott!


Mr. & Mrs. Winn”– Joe

“Mr. Scott not only gave me the best answer to my post, but provided me with the appropriate information I needed to win my first hearing. When I found out I had to return to court, I panicked and called him again right before the holidays but there was no answer. To my surprise, he returned my call and provided me with additional legal information I needed to put me on the right course. He was truly a godsend. I highly recommend him.”– A Satisfied Client

“I hired Leroy Scott as my attorney and was very satisfied with his services. He was very prompt in all matters. I will hire him again if I ever need an attorney in the future. Highly recommended.”– Brian

“Mr. Scott is the epitome of everything that you would want in an attorney. I had never been involved in any sort of legal matter prior to retaining his services, but after speaking with friends and family about some of their experiences, I know that I made the best decision. Mr Scott took time to explain the different facets of my case in great detail(sometimes multiple times!) and never made me feel as though my questions were to burdensome for him. Even though I was aware of him having multiple cases at any given time, if I had a question his response was always prompt. I would and will recommend his services to anyone that I know that may need legal services and will surely contact him should I need legal council. Thank you Mr. Scoot for being the polar opposite of everything that I thought I knew about lawyering!”– Verlin

“Best lawyer I’ve ever had, hands down. Leroy Scott was very responsive, and explained my concerns in a way I could understand. He actually called me with an update on a Sunday because he saw how stressed I was! On top of this, his rates were very reasonable in comparison to some other attorney’s that I had contacted.”– Reece