There are thousands of accidents per year in Harris County. The Texas Department of Transportation is a good resource to learn more about specific information related to motorcycle accidents in the state and corresponding counties.

What Do You See Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Motorcycle Accidents Across The Houston Metroplex That Cases That Land In Your Lap?

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents across the Houston metroplex is during lane changes. In many cases, a driver may change lanes without seeing the motorcycle or it is in their blind spot and crashes into the motorcyclist.

What Do You See As Some Of The Most Common Defense Tactics That Insurance Companies Use To Deny Or Limit Settlements In Motorcycle Injury Cases Specifically?

The most common defense tactics that insurance companies use are trying to place some degree of blame on the motorcyclist. They attempt to find ways to reduce the settlement by suggesting that the motorcyclist was using the lanes improperly or not using the proper safety protection. They will try to find something that the motorcycle rider did that contributed to the accident or call into question the number of injuries and recovery time the motorcyclist needed.

Do You Find That Motorcyclists Commonly End Up Being Blamed Or There Are Misconceptions About Motorcycle Drivers Always Being Reckless When It Comes To These Accidents?

This is a common misconception. During the claims process, the insurance adjusters will identify specific actions or inactions that the motorcyclist did that would contribute to either the accident or the number of injuries. There may be a stigma but that bias wouldn’t be expressed during the claims process. The same would apply to a person who didn’t wear their seatbelts, they would be blamed for their injuries.

What Type Of Damages Can Someone Generally Recover For A Motorcycle Accident With Injury?

You can recover damages for bodily injuries, bruises, cuts, broken bones, and medical bills to cover that. Additionally, you may claim pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, or loss of wages. It is important to remember that there’s an insurance policy limit that is determined by the state and the amount of insurance that a particular driver decides to have, which will be a major limiting factor. Commonly, a person’s injuries or damages may exceed that amount.

The Insurance Company Offered A Settlement Right After My Motorcycle Accident. Should I Just Take It?

The answer depends on your situation. Many complicating factors could affect your decision. For example, if the offer is a policy limit, the insurance company will say “We’re tendering the policy limit” meaning there’s no more insurance. Another factor to consider is if the offer is below the policy limit. It may not be in your best interest to accept this offer because you have not had time to determine the full extent and toll the injuries experienced have had on your well-being.

In the end, it depends on what your expectations are with the settlement and what you think you deserve. But generally, if the policy limit is being offered and the driver doesn’t have significant assets, the best option may be to just accept that initial policy limit offer.

What Are My Rights And Responsibilities As A Motorcycle Driver In Texas?

Your rights and responsibilities as a motorcycle driver are the same as if you drove a vehicle with four wheels. You are supposed to drive in one lane, stop at stop signs & red lights, signal turns, and turn from the correct lanes.

What Is Lane Splitting Is It Legal In Texas And What Happens If It’s Involved In An Accident?

For motorcycles and vehicles, the rule is that each vehicle must travel in a single lane. There needs to be one vehicle per lane. If you have a motorcycle driving in-between two cars, not in a separate lane in the middle but kind of driving along the lines, then that’s not permitted. If there’s an accident, then the lane-splitter or the motorcyclist may be at fault for that accident.

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