Accidents involving semi-trucks and other huge vehicles can be very severe. Those trucks have the power to crumble small cars, and the passengers and the drivers in those small cars can suffer significant injuries and death as a result. The force of the impact alone can cause much more serious injuries than those that are caused by other accidents. People suffer brain injuries, shattered bones, and soft tissue injuries (meaning there are no broken bones, but a person may still feel significant pain). The main thing to remember is that a truck is big and heavy, and can cause a lot more damage and injury than a smaller vehicle.

Who Can Be Held Liable For My Injuries If I Was In A Commercial Vehicle Or Trucking Accident That Occurred In Texas?

Assuming that the truck driver was at fault, that driver would be liable, and possibly the driver’s employer. Many truck drivers work for individual companies. You will often see the name of the company on the side of the truck. If the driver works for a company, that company may be liable in addition to the driver.

In order to start proceedings, you will have to file a claim with the insurance company. However, it’s important to understand that the insurance company is not inherently liable. So, if you file a lawsuit, you need to file the lawsuit against the driver and against the driver’s employer, but you would not file a lawsuit against the insurance company. That’s a misunderstanding that a lot of people have.

I Was Hit By A Semi-Truck Near Houston. What Steps Do I Need To Take Immediately For A Personal Injury Claim?

The first step you need to take if you were hit by a semi-truck is to call 911. You need to have the police come out, take pictures, draw diagrams, and otherwise document the scene before the valuable evidence is removed.

You then need to contact an attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney will know which steps to take next. For instance, they can send a letter to the trucking company letting them know about the accident, and putting them on notice that if they have dash-cam footage, or black box information, they need to save it and present it at litigation

So, call the police, reach out to an attorney, and if you’re not too injured to do so, document the scene, same as you would with a car accident. Take videos, take pictures, talk to people, and make recordings. Just make sure you document the scene, because very often, the story you hear on the scene is going to be different from the story you hear later on.

What Is Involved In The Investigation From The Personal Injury Attorney Standpoint In A Trucking Accident Case?

If the police were called and arrived at the scene, there will be a police report. The police report will have the police officer’s determination of what happened, hopefully with pictures. If there’s a dispute about how the accident happened, your attorney may need to hire an accident reconstruction expert who will be able to look at skid marks, vehicle damage, and other factors to determine exactly how the accident happened.

So again, whether you or a police officer (or both) are doing the accident investigation, you want to make sure that there are photos and videos. You want to look at the road markings as well and look around for cameras in the surrounding area. If there are businesses with cameras that point in the direction of the accident, you need to contact the proprietors immediately to try to get footage before it is deleted. These days, many people have Ring doorbells and other video recording devices outside their homes, which should also be considered. Generally, you need to look to see if there was any sort of camera that could have captured what happened, and immediately try to reach out to the cameras’ owners to get the relevant footage.

How Much Compensation Might I Expect To Receive In My Houston Trucking Accident Personal Injury Settlement?

It is difficult to say how much the average person can expect to receive in a trucking accident personal injury settlement, because it varies so much depending on many factors (including the extent of your injuries, whether you lost wages, how much you made before the accident and the amount of lost earning potential, and more). It varies so much that it’s very hard to put a number on it. Depending on the case, a settlement could range from a few thousand dollars up to millions, all depending on the losses you incurred, tied to the severity of the accident. If you lose a limb, for instance, you are far more likely to be entitled to more money than people who might have just sustained some bruising and whiplash.

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