Most of the time, you won’t know the insurance policy limit for the person you’re seeking the claim against unless you file a lawsuit. If you file a lawsuit, then you can request that information. There are some companies out there who can do tracing of a trucking company’s insurance policies, and they may just find the policy limit. However, the insurance company is not going to outright tell you the policy limit.

The policy limit is important to consider, especially depending on the severity of the injuries that you suffered. So if you suffered only $30,000 worth of injury or medical bills, then it’s highly unlikely that the commercial policy limit for a trucking company would be exhausted. Whether they carry more than the minimum would be important if you suffered so much damage and so much in medical bills that it actually stands to exceed the minimum policy requirement.

Whether or not the trucking company has an increased policy limit doesn’t really matter unless you have extensive enough injuries or unless there are a lot of people involved in the accident. You’re not entitled to more just because the policy limits are higher.

Tell Me About The Complexity Of Trucking, Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases. Why Do I Need An Attorney Experienced Not Only Just In Auto Accident Cases, But Also In Trucking Accident Cases In Texas?

Because trucks are so big and they cause so much damage, I have found that trucking and commercial vehicle accident survivors are a lot more likely to hire an attorney to help defend their case. I have found that it is a lot more overwhelming to work on one of these cases than it is to deal with a smaller case.

With trucking and commercial cases, there are a number of unique factors to consider as well. There’s often a sort of black box that has monitoring information about the vehicle. There’s also usually dash-cams, GPS tracking, and things of the sort. These trucks keep a lot more information than a regular car. An attorney with specific experience dealing with this extra information can help build your case more effectively by seeking evidence from these different devices. A less experienced attorney may not even think to ask for this extra information.

What Exactly Is Premises Liability Law Under Texas Personal Injury Laws?

Premises liability has to do with recovering for injuries sustained as a result of some sort of defect on a person’s property. A classic example would be if a customer goes to a grocery store and there is some sort of dangerous condition at the grocery store, and the person is injured as a result of that condition. Premises liability law allows you to try to seek recovery from the owner or operator of that property.

What Duty Do Property Owners Owe To Visitors Under Texas Premises Liability Law?

Visitors are owed a duty of ordinary care. Whoever is inviting you to the property needs to take reasonable steps to make sure that the property is safe and that it’s free of any sort of dangerous conditions that could hurt you. It’s not absolute; that is, it doesn’t require that a premises owner made the property 100% safe. However, it does require that they make a reasonable effort to be careful. So, for instance, if there’s a spill, they need to mark it off and clean it up as soon as they can. They’re not absolutely liable just because a person slips on a spill, but they’re more likely to be liable if they knew about the spill and didn’t take reasonable steps to remedy it as soon as possible.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Or Trip-And-Fall Accidents?

A lot of slip-and-falls occur in grocery stores. People tend to slip on grapes a lot for some reason (rather than, say, bananas, like in the cartoons). Generally, people do step on fruits and other items and they slip and they hurt themselves. People may slip on wet floors as well, but I would say the most common (based on the kind of complaints we see come through our office) would be people slipping on objects— and more often than not, it’s small fruits.

What Kind Of Potential Damages Could Someone Claim Or Possibly Receive In A Settlement For A Slip-and-fall Or Trip-and-fall Accident In Texas?

Damages could include your medical bills, pain and suffering that you experience as a result of the injury, loss of wages if you’re unable to work as a result of the injuries. Those are the main elements of injuries that you could claim.

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