Yes, even if the other driver is clearly at-fault, or “liable”, you still need a personal injury attorney. Whether or not the other driver is liable is only one piece of the puzzle. Attorneys handle many more aspects of a personal injury case

For instance, a personal injury attorney can help you coordinate medical treatment and send you to recommended specialists. They may be able to help you organize a car rental if your car was damaged in the accident, as well as arranging for insurance to pay for it. Even in cases where the other person was at fault, it may take so long for you to be compensated that you will need help along the way. A personal injury attorney can help with those logistical arrangements.

An attorney is also crucial if you want to make a strong argument for why the other party is liable, and especially if you want to get the best settlement you possibly can. An experienced attorney will know when to seek more money, and how. They will know how to convincingly present damages, such as lost wages and lost earning potential, as well as loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium with your partner.

In these ways, even if the other driver was at fault, it may still be beneficial to get an attorney to assist you with your personal injury case.

What Types Of Injuries Do Motorcycle Riders In Houston Generally Sustain From Accidents?

There are many types of injuries that I have seen resulting from motorcycle accidents in Houston. The danger of riding a motorcycle is that you are in a vehicle, going the same speed as other vehicles, but you are completely open and exposed. This leaves motorcycle riders vulnerable to some very severe injuries. They have nothing around them to protect them, and no seatbelts. They can suffer severe head injuries, they can lose limbs, and even minor accidents can cause gashes and broken bones. In particular, brain injuries and spinal injuries are very common.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents Across Texas?

It is often clear that car drivers and truck drivers aren’t really looking out for motorcycles on the road, or in any case can’t see them until it’s too late. Motorcycles are so much smaller than most cars, and it’s easy to miss them when changing lanes and hit them accidentally without even realizing that they were in the lane. I would say many motorcycle accidents are caused by improper lane change without checking the blind spot.

As A Motorcycle Driver Or A Passenger, Am I Required To Wear A Helmet In Texas? Does It Hurt My Case I Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet?

If you are under 21, you’re required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle in Texas. If you’re over 21, you have the option of wearing your helmet or not wearing your helmet. However, if you’re not going to wear your helmet, you need to get additional certification and additional insurance coverage. Even with that additional certification and coverage, it would hurt your case not to wear a helmet, especially if you suffered an injury that could have been prevented had you been wearing the helmet.

What Is The Value Of Hiring An Attorney With Experience Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases In Houston, Versus Only Auto Accident Cases?

One of the important distinctions between auto accidents and accidents involving motorcycles is that there are many different rules that apply to motorcycle riders generally. We touched upon this earlier with helmet rules, but it’s not the only distinct rule that applies to motorcycle riders. If you hire an attorney who is familiar with these types of cases, they’ll be more familiar with those specific rules concerning motorcycles.

Also, if you hire a local attorney, they’re more likely to have an existing database of medical providers who could see you quickly and do a good, thorough job (both medically and in terms of documentation for your personal injury case). Experienced, Houston-based motorcycle personal injury attorneys already have relationships set up with vetted doctors that would allow you to be treated quickly and well.

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