Houston, Texas, is a hub of trade and commerce. With major interstates snaking in and around the city that are populated with vehicles owned by large corporations, it is no surprise that commercial accidents can happen.

This unfortunate fact is made a critical point as the state of Texas leads the nation in fatal commercial vehicle accidents, and is a leader in trucking accidents of varying severity. In total, Texas saw nearly 33,000 commercial trucking accidents and Harris County, in particular, was the site of almost 5,000 of these incidents.

So what do you do if this happens to you? Because of the extensive resources available to large companies, it is important to have an expert and reliable truck accident lawyer on your team who can advocate for your needs.

Scott Law has been proud to offer comprehensive services as an 18 Wheeler & Large Truck Accident Attorney to clients in Houston and across Harris County.

How Are Commercial Accidents Different From “Regular” Car Accidents?

Commercial accidents can be particularly destructive and traumatic due to the nature and size of commercial vehicles. A motorist’s recklessness or negligence that would typically result in a more minor accident can turn fatal when a massive truck is involved.

What’s more, the businesses and corporations that own these commercial vehicles are usually very large. Litigating against a corporation can present unique challenges as the financial and legal resources at their disposal are far greater than those of the average individual.

Because of this, it is crucial to have an experienced Semi-Truck Accident Attorney available to diligently represent your needs and ensure you receive the full amount in compensation that you are entitled to.

What Can A Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

An attorney who focuses on commercial trucking cases is vital to the outcome of your claim or lawsuit. While it may be possible to reach a settlement before litigation, it is important that any decision made is in your long-term best interest.

Many commercial entities (along with their insurance company and legal team) will work to settle a case as soon as possible, or eschew liability altogether. It is so important in these cases to determine the full effects of an accident in a person’s life, to make certain that there will be adequate financial compensation for the damages and injuries they have suffered.

Whether you are seeking the specific resources of a Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer, or 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer, an attorney who practices in commercial trucking law will be able to work to ensure that you walk away from your case with the most beneficial outcome possible.

Scott Law: An Aggressive and Compassionate Big Rigs Accident Attorney

At Scott Law, we are determined to fiercely advocate on the behalf of our clients. We are all too familiar with the tactics and strategies used by companies to avoid rightful compensation. Our firm works diligently to ensure that our clients are able to recover the full amount of damages that they are entitled to.

If you are interested in speaking with a trusted and experienced firm about a commercial vehicle accident, an email or phone call is the next best step. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Houston, TX, for a complimentary consultation today!

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